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The recent growth of LotVantage and AuctionSound has caused me to take a step back and re-evaluate our product offerings and how they function. With any growth spurt, there are sure to be pains along the way and we’ve been discovering this lately. How do we add value to our LotVantage and AuctionSound products and keep them up-to-date with technology trends? We’re listening to our customers to find out.

One of LotVantage’s top-selling services is the web display feature, which allows a dealership’s entire inventory to be displayed in a simple format online. The web display acts as an online showroom for the dealer and should  serve 2 main functions: 1) get the cars in front of the customer & provide details and 2) make it easy for the customer to contact the dealer.  Up until this past week, our web displays sufficiently served those 2 functions, but not in the best way possible. The web displays were shown in an iFrame which didn’t allow for SEO value for the domain name. We’ve modified our web display to now reside on the same domain, not in an iFrame, along with other benefits such as custom styling to match the rest of the website and featured vehicles .

Another great addition to our LotVantage software came this week when we changed the way in which our contact forms work. Previously, the contact and car finder forms on a dealer’s site would email the lead directly to the dealer. Now when the forms are filled out, the lead is automatically sent to LotVantage and displayed in the software next to all the call tracking and other leads. This was a feature that was requested by many dealers, and so we got on it and made it happen.

Our challenges in the next coming weeks will be to implement the same strategies with the AuctionSound software & it’s customer storefronts. Are you a LotVantage or AuctionSound user? What would you like to see changed in the softwares? Let us know!

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