To hire or not to hire?

When your business begins to grow rapidly, the need for talented, motivated and reliable employees becomes a necessity. At some point you’re going to need to hire on more employees and possibly create new positions in your company to satisfy the needs of your customers and overcome the inevitable “growing pains” that comes with the territory.

Depending on the position needs, you might just go on ahead and hire on any qualified candidate (God knows there are many people in need of a stable income right now). This would be a suitable solution for, say, a Customer Service Representative who can easily be trained for an entry-level position as such. But what about the Customer Service Manager? You’d obviously want someone with more experience and staying power and with the economy being what it is there are plenty of more than qualified and hungry candidates out there. Be careful not to neglect your already dedicated employees however – an outside hire could discourage a current employee who could’ve very easily done the job – if not better. So then the question becomes to hire or not to hire?

In my own experience, when confronted with this issue I take a good look at what I’ve already got. A mid to high level position in a company carries a lot of responsibility and you need someone who is trustworthy. Employees that have been with you for years already know the ins & outs of your business and while you may need to instruct them on various new duties, the core foundation and loyalty to the company are already there.

Recently, when I needed to create a new position for Software Support Director I used this strategy and hired from within. Brett Rush has been with That’s Us Technologies since 2004 and his dedication to the company has not been overlooked. He knows the company better than anyone I could hire on and possesses all of the qualities a Software Support Director for a growing technology company should have.  Of course, I’ll need to hire someone to fill his old position, but I’m sure he’ll do a fantastic job of properly training and managing them.

About Brett Rush:

Brett oversees and directs operational difficulties for several thousands of clients both domestically and internationally. Software support from that’s Us subsidiaries is delivered through phone, email, instant messaging, LiveHelp, Skype and Forums. On a daily basis you can find Brett interacting with a team of developers to improve software usability and overall customer satisfaction.

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