Giving your software an edge

We’re cooking up a few things in our LotVantage automotive dealer marketing software to help extend the reach of our customers. With so much competition in the automotive and powersports industry, we knew it was imperative to provide our dealers with something different – something that would give them an edge and be a driving force behind their brand image.

Many of our dealers are small, family owned and operated companies that have a very limited marketing and advertising budget. They need all the help they can get to stay afloat in this economy. LotVantage provides a fantastic solution for increasing sales by harnessing the power of craigslist, backpage, eBay, CycleTrader and other online marketplaces. It also provides affordable solutions for displaying a dealership’s inventory online with custom banners and websites and even tracks leads and calls by marketplace.

There was one obvious thing missing in our LotVantage software, however – “the edge”. How do we intend on obtaining this? By providing our customers with a simple, easy to use product that is not only tech savvy but also industry-relevant. We’re creating something that no one else has – something that’s going to change the game. We’re not going to divulge what it is just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming changes to the LotVantage software and this blog.

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