Social Media for Automotive & Motorcycle Dealers

We’re embarking on a new service offering conquest over at LotVantage: Social Media for auto and motorcycle dealers. I know, I know – everybody’s doing it and why do I need to talk about what I had for breakfast? Points noted and I feel your pain. Social Media, when used appropriately can be extremely beneficial for anyone – including automotive dealerships.

Here’s why:

Create Brand Awareness

Social Media’s #1 benefit for small businesses (and big ones too!). Let’s face it, you need help creating a brand image and promoting that brand to the public. Denny’s Dodge Sales in a small Massachusetts suburb probably won’t get much consideration when people go to look for a new car unless they’re well known. Advertising locally can get expensive; the price of ads in print and newspaper are increasing and television ads can be astronomical. Social Media is an easy way to get recognized when harnessed correctly. You can give back to the community, publicize events and let people why your dealership is trustworthy and worth taking a gander at.

Promote Your Inventory

No matter how many vehicles you have on your lot it is hard getting them in front of the public and grabbing attention with all the competition in today’s market.  With over 90% of the car buying process today occurring online, it’s important that your inventory has an online presence. With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is an arena you can’t overlook when promoting your cars, trucks and motorcycles.  The 40 million active users on Twitter can be focused by local market and become an easy audience to promote to.

Spark Interest & Gain Service

So maybe you won’t sell a ton of cars from your tweets, but you very well could gain a larger customer base with department level coupons. Think about it: you have many different departments, which you’re constantly trying to promote via special offers – service, parts etc. While an ad in a local coupon saver book may grab a few hundred views, a tweet promoting it could grab thousands. You don’t just get one shot to grab the customer’s attention you get many. You can tweet your coupon twice daily and best of all you can track how many people clicked on it to print it out.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of our LotVantage Social Media integration, but until then why don’t you let me know your thoughts on this topic? Good idea? Bad idea? Is it for auto dealerships?

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