Are we over-Facebooked???

Are we over-Facebooked??? With all the people losing jobs and getting expelled over Facebook posts, as well as old flings disrupting relationships, are we over-Facebooked?  Between all the clutter of postings from apps such as Farmville, Twitter and others, how much relevant content does each of us actually experience?  Legal and personal problems can arise from Facebook posting and commenting. Even people as young as 13 years old are getting questioned by the secret service over posts on Facebook.

Too Many “People”?

The average number of Facebook friends per person is 120. Some of us have under 100 friends on Facebook, some of us are in the thousands. Are these real  friends, networking contacts and / or just a simple addiction of seeing that red indicator bubble with the little number of “notices”, and accepting those random friend requests, just to up your numbers? Regardless, Facebook is growing in many ways, with disregard to keeping family, friends and work separate, easily. 5000 is the maximum amount of friends allowed on Facebook for a single user.

Politics and Religion

In the real world, when talking about upcoming elections and worldly views, people tend to tailor their comments and discussions, to the audience they are speaking to. On Facebook, users are open to a much wider audience when sharing thoughts or facts. This can make posting on Facebook very interesting in regards to not being face to face, as well as everyone you are friends with on Facebook, will see your posts, unless certain settings have been changed.

Friend Lists

Friend lists are a great way to separate groups of friend online from each other, allowing users to share more focused content or hide that content from certain people. It is a good idea to create a list for Family, High School, Work, as well as a list for networking. These lists are great for privacy on Facebook .

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