Are We the Laziest Generation?

Are we the reality-show generation? Instead of participating, we sit by and watch: people sing, dance with second-rate stars, pawn stuff, swap a husband/wife, extreme makeovers to homes and faces, “real” housewives, lose weight, go to rehab and also get fired. While this has spilled over into social networking, we are all on stage in the show of life.

Witnessing an event, then making a post about it has become a national religion. When will someone fail, a celebrity or politician, so we can have some content to comment on? In the past we had recalled where we were during a certain event, JFK assassination, the space shuttle exploding or the 9/11 attacks. In the future, we will remember what we tweeted or posted. Sounds fun, but are we becoming lazy?

Will our generation leave anything worthwhile online, or will it just be a big server farm of databases of useless information? In the 1940s and 50s there was the “Greatest Generation”, made up of doers, not watchers. This helped build our nation into the superpower that is (soon to be was?). Moving to the 60s and 70s brought war and war protesting, causing America to change on foreign policy and domestic fronts.

In contrast to activism, now-a-days we are into slactivism. This entails clicking “Like” or reTweeting for a cause. It sure is going to take more than some key strokes and clicks to change much in this world. Last year, protestors in the Arab world used social media as well as took to the streets.

What is more likely to get our generation off their butts? A political issue or paying for Facebook? Few of us will change history, but there is room for history to be shaped and formed by you, today. Social media is great, but real interactions and actions do make a much bigger difference in this world.

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