Missed Leads: With Live Mobile Chat, They May Be a Thing of the Past

Imagine an auto dealership with blacked out windows. The salespeople stand inside twiddling their thumbs, just waiting for somebody to walk in and pull out their checkbook. There are dozens of people on the lot looking at cars, but the salespeople are oblivious to them until they come through the front door. The potential car buyers, aggravated from the lack of service, decide to take their business to the car lot next door, while the unknowing sales team sits inside waiting for business.

Today's dealer websites are like a car lot with the windows blacked out. Soon, that will change.

The idea is absurd, isn’t it? What kind of dealership would black out their windows? Why not go outside and greet the shoppers as they arrive? No dealer in their right mind would ever run a business like this, right? Well, if the dealer has a website, there’s a good chance that’s exactly what their doing to all of their visitors.

In the age of online car shopping, less than 1% of visitors to dealers’ vehicle landing pages fill out a lead form. For the rest, it’s back to the Craigslist search results to continue the search for their next car elsewhere. The 99% who didn’t fill out a lead form might as well have never clicked on a vehicle, because to the dealership they’re just another missed lead, bringing up the dealer’s cost per lead and bringing their business to a competitor. Since most car shoppers purchase a vehicle within 48 hours of beginning their search, they’re not likely to end up purchasing from Bob’s Car Lot after they’ve left his website. Bob’s salespeople never had a chance; The window looking out over their virtual lot: blacked out.

But what if there were a way for dealers to engage those visitors as they arrived on their website? What if a friendly greeting from a salesperson enticed the shopper to stay awhile, give the dealer their information, and perhaps even buy a car that day?

Well, that’s exactly what is ahead for the future of the online car sales business. Currently, LotVantage is in production of a whole new way for dealers to capture leads and convert sales at a much higher rate, without having to sit idly and hope for somebody to fill out a form. Soon, dealers will be able to see through the windows to their virtual lot, and know exactly when a new visitor is looking at a vehicle.

Live Mobile Chat

LotVantage isn’t just scraping the paint off the windows, though. It’s opening the door and allowing dealers to directly engage each individual in real time, just as they would at their brick-and-mortar location, via a live instant chat service. Suddenly, the floodgates will open and that 1% will skyrocket, as the other 99% will become potential leads as well.

Dealers will be notified immediately of every new visitor to their vehicle landing pages, and have the ability to initiate a conversation with them just like they would with a friend on Facebook. The new chat feature won’t be limited to the salespeople sitting in their office at the computer – a completely new mobile app will also soon become available for iPhones and Androids so that salespeople can work their leads and chat with car shoppers from anywhere at anytime.

It’s 2013, and there are big things coming this year to help make the automotive sales process simpler and more efficient than ever before. If you’re in the auto business, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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