Craigslist Announces A Game Changer

We want to take a quick moment to keep everyone informed about all the things that are happening behind the scenes of Craigslist that will directly affect the way you do business.

It was only a matter of time before Craigslist started charging dealers for each car and truck ad posted. Craigslist has been charging fees for ads within categories such as Jobs and Housing for several years, so this change does not come as a surprise.

This, my friends, is definitely a game changer for our industry!!!

At first, this news sounds devastating, but it isn’t!!! Craigslist’s team has actually helped legitimize our business while protecting our marketplace, which we are very appreciative for.

What does this mean for you?  

Now it’s all the more important to utilize software that provides detailed analytics. This helps you to intelligently manage your inventory, unless you want to be the dealer who is sitting on the sidelines while your competitors sell more inventory.

You can benefit from this change.

How?  Spammers, Posters, and agents operating outside “spirit of Craigslist” have diluted focus and attention from your ads. They will no longer be able to do this. Now is your chance to be smarter with the ads you are posting and make a good investment. Craigslist implemented this fundamental change to improve the quality of the service and optimize the consumer’s shopping experience.

Posting to an unpolluted market means dealers who invest with Craigslist will receive improved web traffic and more leads.

We continue to offer you the best in class software and we are currently updating our technology to manage both the ads and costs associated with Craigslist’s campaigns.

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