About Matt

Matthew Brown

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of That’s Us Technologies, Inc.

square mattMatthew is the founder and currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of That’s Us Technologies, Inc. With a background stemming from other successful telecommunications and IT businesses, Matthew founded That’s Us Technologies in 2003 to service the growing online consignment and e-Commerce industries; eventually stemming three divisions that provide software as a service to the Automotive, Retail and Real Estate marketplaces. Matthew is serious about technology and has a unique approach to team building and design. In 1997, Matthew founded CLEC Strategies in Tampa, FL, which continues today as a successful business-to-business consulting firm in the telecom arena. Matthew has been involved in many new ventures over the last 18 years and sits on the board of directors of several other successful technology companies including SOEsoftware.com.

To learn more about the That’s Us Technologies brands including LotVantage, visit www.thatsus.com.

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