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Do you obsessively check your phone?

During outings, I have noticed many people checking their phones very often while spending time with family and friends. Continue reading

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Are We the Laziest Generation?

Are we the reality-show generation? Instead of participating, we sit by and watch: people sing, dance with second-rate stars, pawn stuff, swap a husband/wife, extreme makeovers to homes and faces, “real” housewives, lose weight, go to rehab and also get fired. While this has spilled over into social networking, we are all on stage in the show of life. Continue reading

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Keeping it fun

Last week there was some buzz on the web about a nice little addition to Google Maps. I’m not certain if the change was added last week, or if the buzz was just generated at that time. In any case, … Continue reading

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Google In-Page Analytics

If you’re in the web development field you probably already know the basics of Google Analytics and how important it is to a site’s success. Google Analytics tracks vital statistics about your web site such as most viewed pages, where … Continue reading

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